SKYDRONE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services aerial inspection service utilizes the most advanced technology, ICAO/FAA licensed pilots, industry specialists, and certified operators to detect weak points before they impact your operation network. Located in British Columbia we are a Transport Canada and ICAO licensed UAV flight operation and UAV training facility.


Our aerial inspection service delivers unmatched results using drone technology together with thermographic imagery, ultra violet measurements, and visual imaging. Our industry experience and use of innovative technology provides you with cost effective, close-in high definition imagery, which is the focus of our company. We use the latest generation of thermographic imagers, infrared camera technology, corona detection cameras and high definition still and video equipment from market leaders. Our inspections services provide you with a comprehensive report, which includes multiple measurements, high-resolution imagery and/or videos along with geo location to identify potential failure points. With our services, your company can reduce your inspection costs, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and potentially eliminate failures when using of our innovative inspection solutions. 





November – 2014 SKYDRONE UAVS’ CTO Ernie Ziesman, working with S&C Lavalin’s T&D division has just completed 180 mission flights for the inspection of transmission lines. S&C Lavalin recently became aware of a manufacture defect in the power line marker cones used on a portion of a recently constructed transmission line. In the companies attempt to immediately identify and correct any potential problems they looked to use UAV technology. Mr. Ziesman identified a small quad copter equipped with an 13 MP video recorder for the inspection of the individual cones. The inspection was successfully completed in the same time frame as a conventional helicopter however the inspection was accomplished at a dramatically reduce cost and no risk to life.


SKYDRONE UAVS is currently working with Transport Canada to have Grand Forks Municipal Airport [ZGF] designated as Canada first official UAV testing airport.




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