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The potential for umnanned Areial Vehicles [UAV] or drones in the civil and commercial environment is increasing at an exponential rate. Currently there are only a few ICAO/FAA compliant approaches allowing civilian operations of these aircraft in National Air Space [NAS].


The potential for use of UAVs in industry is virtualy limitless for surveys, inspections and analysis of power transmission and distribution systems, 


There are a myriad of manufactures and broad selection of aircraft available in today's rapidly expanding market. Within this selection of aircraft are a wide variety of sizes, systems, payloads and endurance capabilities.


Companies wanting to implement UAVS systems will be confronted with all these possibilities will need to make educated decisions.




Skydrone UAVS can provide your company with an industry professional that will provide your company with the service and tools need to make those informed decisions.



  • UAV Introduction | Capability Brief | Limitations

  • Company Needs Assessment | Definition of Requirements

  • Aircraft Comparison Analysis | Asset Acquisition

  • Equipment Selection | Mission Package Acquisition

  • System Incorporation | Implementation

  • UAV System Education | Training


Consulting Services





Commercial Rated Pilots
Industry Trained Observers


St John's First Aid
Advanced Radio License
Altalink Level 3 Certified Substation
Leadership in Safety Excellence
High Voltage Limits of Approach



Transport Canada Compliant
ICAO Certified Facility
ICAO/FAA Licensed Pilots
ICAO/FAA Avionics Facility
TC/ICAO UAV Testing Airport
ICAO/FAA Licensed Mechanics


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